Deep Cuts: The Best of Non-Jane’s Addiction

Satellite PartyJane’s Addiction is like your slutty girlfriend who no matter how much she fools around she’s just too great to cut loose. The band is coming up on 30 years together in various incarnations (they swap bass players like Spinal Tap swaps drummers), and during that time the members have enjoyed numerous solo and side projects.

I love that the Jane’s guys have flexed their creative muscles whenever and wherever they wanted to. I’ve left out the non-recording side projects, but they’re pretty awesome, too.

So here we go: A bunch of great Jane’s-related cuts you may have missed:

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171. She Was Holding It Back It Hurts So Bad

Chapter 171Jody left to visit a childhood friend in Los Angeles. I worked, went to class, and kicked around our too-expensive apartment. I missed her, and I didn’t like being alone. No, I hated it. I was terrified by it, like I was all those years ago when I turned around and I found my daddy gone.

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From the Stacks: Mark-Almond–Rising

Mark-AlmondLet’s get this out of the way: This has nothing to do with Marc “Tainted Love” Almond from Soft Cell. Mark-Almond was a kind of mellow jazz band that was most prolific in the early seventies. Their sound was a bit like the theme to a couple falling in love on The Love Boat’s Lido Deck.

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Deep Cuts: Truth Songs

Truth SongsI wish I could say that I immediately internalized the lesson laid down for me by the two Charlies—my landlord and the mighty Bukowski—but I didn’t. Writing honestly is a simple enough idea to grasp but a tough one to implement.

It means not only being willing to write about the time you pissed your pants, but also to write the simple line “I pissed my pants,” not “the familiar warmth of micturition blossomed like a dark, briny lily pad across my trouser front.”

Internalizing that notion took a lot of years, but when asked for a writing tip this is what I always offer: Be honest. Nothing else really matters.

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